.IN Registry Problems: Domain names not resolving

.IN Registry Problems: Domain names not resolving
by Directi Technical Support

Please be advised that the .IN Registry is currently experiencing certain technical difficulties.

Heavy rains and flooding in Mumbai, India has damaged the .IN Registry's Name Servers. This has hampered DNS propagation, with the result that your Customers' .IN domain names might not resolve to their websites for the time being.

The .IN Registry and its providers are currently working post-haste to rectify the situation, which has affected all Registrars in equal proportion. We are in incessant contact with the Registry, and hope to have normal functioning restored as soon as possible.

We regret the inconvenience this has caused you, and appreciate your patience in this matter. Rest assured, we shall constantly keep you updated with any fresh developments on this issue, via notifications posted on the Support Help Desk.

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