Policies for the delegation of Third-Level Subdomains TLD PE

Policies for the delegation of Third-Level Subdomains under TLD PE

The policy for the delegation of subdomains under the Top Level Domain PE is based on RFC1591 issued by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

Considering paragraph 2 of such document, which states that the domain rights and property are inadequate and are rather aimed at community services, the TLD PE has been sub-divided into the following subdomains:

The assignation of a domain name under such subdomains is based on the following criteria:

1. 1. The following domains will be restrictively delegated. The applicant must fulfill not only the requirements mentioned in Chapter 2 but also specific requirements for each Subdomain.

This subdomain is delegated only to institutions of educational nature: universities, schools, institutes, etc.

This subdominion assigns only to the dependencies or institutions pertaining to the Peruvian government, according to the Directive "Practical standardses for the allocation of names of Dominion of the organizations of the Public Administration".

This subdomain is delegated only to the agencies of the Peruvian Armed Forces.

Delegation of third-level domain names under this subdomain will only be carried out if the applicant fulfills all the following requirements:

The requesting party must an Internet Access Provider.
The requesting party must have physical presence in the country.
The requesting party must operate its own main nameserver.
It must have its own Autonomous System Number (AS).
The network must have total independence from any other party to the network existing in the country as for its expansion and management policies.
Likewise, the requesting party must have at least one direct connection with some ISP abroad.
2. 2. The following domains will be openly delegated, requiring the fulfillment of the regulations in Chapter 2 for their assignation.

3. The following domain will be delegated to individuals only.


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