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Who can register a third-level domain name under "pe"? - How many Domain Names are allowed to be registered? -What domain names are allowed? - Application procedure and delegation of .pe domain names - Terms and conditions of Domain Name Registration under "pe" - Payment with credit card - peruvian domains

If you want to register a .pe domain (i.e.:,) i can help you in
Registration Term: 1 year
Registration price: US$ 35 + others ( see here: Los .PE son más caros y demoran más en ser registrados)

.PE Domain Name Registration

Information Provided

If the Domain Name is available, you will be able to request registration. In order to register the domain, you will need to enter the following additional information: DNS, Domain name owner information, Service
With the information you provide, ... here: presents the requests of registration before the Domain Names authority of each country (NIC.PE in this case).


You will be periodically informed via email regarding the status of your domain registration. Alternative you may enter the page to view your domain Registration status.

How to paid?

Ways of Payment : has many ways of payment.

- Payment with CC (Credit Card : Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Jcb, Dinners)
You have the possibility to pay your .pe domain by credit card. Simply, you should complete a form and send it. 2CheckOut is very secure.

- Payment with Western Union
You can send me your payment, from any country with Western Union.

- Payment with Banking operations
DominioEconomico works with Banco de Crédito del Perú through which you will be able to carry out the payments by deposits or banking transfers.

You can choose how to paid here: Forms of payment.

Here the General Registration Procedures that i found in

General regulations

2.1.- PE-NIC is the authority responsible for delegating and registering third - level domain names under the "pe" domain in the Internet.

2.2.- The registration of third-level Domain Names under the "pe" domain will be governed by these regulations.

2.3.- Additionally to the requirements and prohibitions set in these regulations, third-level domain names under the "pe" domain will be assigned following the "first come, first served" criteria.

2.4.- PE-NIC reserves the right to modify these regulations should technical or other conditions so demand it in the future.

Who can register a third-level domain name under "pe"?

2.5.- Any natural or juridical person, either national or foreign, may be able to register a third-level domain name under "pe".

How many Domain Names are allowed to be registered?

2.6.- There is no restriction on the number of domain names that a natural or juridical person can register. In the case of terms on which a right previous to the registration of the domain name exists, such precedent right must be evidenced in order to register such term.

What domain names are allowed?

2.7.- The registration of any combination of characters is allowed provided that:

They have not been previously registered
They fulfill the syntax regulations provided in regulation 2.8
They are not included in any of the restrictions provided in regulation 2.9
Should the requested domain name correspond with a trademark, slogan or corporate name, such registration can only be carried out by the holder of the precedent right on such combination of characters. Such precedent right must be evidenced through the documents issued by the competent registration authority.

2.8.- Syntax regulations:

The only valid characters for a domain name are the letters of the English alphabet ("a"-"z", the DNS does not distinguish between capitalized and non-capitalized letters), digits ("0"-"9") and hyphen ("-").

The first and/or last character of the domain cannot be a hyphen.

The minimum allowed length for a third-level domain name under "pe" is 1 character (the minimum length recommended to reduce the probability of conflicts is 5 characters).

The maximum allowed length for a third-level domain name under "pe" is 20 characters (the maximum length recommended on practical grounds is 15 characters).

2.9.- Prohibitions. The registration of a third-level domain name under "pe" will not be admitted if:

It matches with any top-level or second-level domain name (TLDs). For instance: "edu", "com", "gob", "mil", "org", "nom" and "net".

It is exclusively made up of a toponym exclusively and uniquely referring to locations in Peru. Such terms are the names of regions, departments, provinces, districts and municipalities. Likewise, the names of native languages and the national denominations both in Spanish and in the native language of the different Peruvian ethnic groups. RCP reserves the right to delegate a toponym included in those referred to herein, provided that the use of such toponym will have a direct social benefit for the community referred to by such term.

It coincides with the names of Internet protocols, applications and terminology. Therefore, the following terms are reserved: "telnet", "ftp", "email", "www", "web", "smtp", "http", "tcp", "dns", "wais", "news", "rfc", "ietf", "mbone", "bbs" "icann", "cctld", "gltld", "iana", "dnso", "aso", "ncdnh", "udrp", "e-commerce", "ecommerce", "e-goverment", "egoverment", "b2b", "b2c", "b2g", "c2g", "g2g", "xml", "wap", "lactld", "lacnic", "ip", "pda", "os", "arin", "apnic", "africanic", "penic", "pe-nic", "at-large", "tld".

It is exclusively made up of a combination of b) and c).

It includes terms or expressions against the Law or the public order or that are offensive.

It is exclusively made up of family names.

Application procedure and delegation of domain names

2.10.- The registration of domain names will be divided into two stages. The first one is the application for domain name registration, which begins with the application form duly completed by the registrant. If it is approved, it will be posted in PE-NIC website for oppositions by third parties against such application. The term for oppositions will not be longer than 10 (calendar) days.

Oppositions will be solved in first and single instance by PE-NIC coordination.

Should no oppositions exist, the second stage will be carried out, namely the registration of the domain name as owned by the applicant.

Terms and conditions of domain name registration under "pe"

2.11.- The information of those applying for domain names (related to technical, administrative and payment contacts) are protected by PE-NIC.
The information related to the real name of the applicant and the contact information, provided that they are engaged in any commercial activity, will be freely accessible in accordance with the international parameters on the management of domain names.

2.12.- The ultimate ownership, authority, and responsibility of a third-level domain name under "pe" will be always on the organization or person for whom such domain has been registered. In brief, an Internet Service Provider is not the owner and is not responsible for it at the administrative level (although it can be responsible at the technical level) of a domain name registered for an organization or person to whom service is provided. This is true either if the provider has acted as agent before PE-NIC for the registration of such domain name or if the service provider is managing, through delegation of the organization, the DNS primary server for the third-level area related to such domain name. An important consequence of this regulation is that an organization or person may keep the same third-level domain name under "pe" regardless of changes of providers and of the fact that it may be connected to several providers at the same time.

2.13.- In relation to the preceding regulation, the only one responsible for any possible violation of intellectual or industrial property rights or any other rights of third parties that could result from the registration of a third-level domain name under "pe" to be used in the Internet by an organization or person, will be the organization or person themselves who carried out such registration.

2.14.- Any controversies on the right to use a given domain name must be solved by the contending parties using the regular legal procedures, as provided in the Internet document RFC 1591. In the event of controversy, PE-NIC will have no other role or responsibility that to provide the contending parties with the contact information needed to solve any litigation in the manner they may consider appropriate (bilateral agreement, competent Courts, etc.).

2.15.-PE-NIC and Red Científica Peruana will in no case be responsible for the violation of intellectual or industrial property rights or any other rights or legal interests that could result from the registration of third-level domain names under "pe" in accordance with these regulations.

Likewise, the officers, employees and representatives of PE-NIC and Red Científica Peruana will in no case be responsible for the violations referred to in the preceding paragraph.

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