Reserve Held: Dinero retenido en 2CheckOut y devuelto en 90d

Reserve Held

2CO holds a reserve for chargebacks, refunds, and ACH returned items in event the supplier goes out of business, becomes unreachable or simply terminates their relationship with 2CO without notice.

For all accounts, the reserve begins at 5% of gross sales within the payment period. The reserve amount is held for 90 days, then released.

Reserve Example ( 5% Reserve Level, 90 day hold ):

June 1st payment cycle
$120 in sales
$20 in refunds from sales in this payment period
$10 in refunds from sales in a previous payment period

The reserve held would be $5 or ( ($120 - $20) * 5% ).

Under this example, the $5 would be released to you on the September 1st payment cycle.

Can the Reserve Be Changed?

The reserve level can be increased based upon individual account experience. Any potential increase is always discussed with the supplier in order to ascertain whether the situation can be rectified in another manner.

The amount of reserve, and the period of time it is held, can be adjusted either higher or lower by 2CheckOut at our sole discretion.
Factors that can influence reserve levels:

Transaction, refund and chargeback history with 2Checkout
Transaction, refund and chargeback history with a merchant account provider ( statements required )
Suitable business references, or other documentation, establishing a concrete business history
The nature of the product being sold
The time required until product fulfillment ( i.e. a one year membership ).
If you experience an increase in reserve, but feel you have adequately addressed any issues that contributed to a temporary increase in refund or chargeback utilization, simply submit a ticket requesting that your account be analyzed for a reduction in reserve.

Additionally, a staff representative will always be happy to work with you and your staff in order to provide solutions to potential problems that you may experience.

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